Wednesday, November 21, 2007

more "excellence"

I'm skipping ahead so I don't forget about this one. Jim and I spotted this with our own eyes on our recent pilgrimage to Wrigley Field (we also saw people laying the sod, which was cool). I suppose when it comes to lifting, there aren't that many gradations of achievement.


john said...
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john said...

Metrolift - "Excellence in lifting"


That really reminds me of Bender on Futurama. "Bending is my middle name. Bender Bending Rodriguez."

huisj said...

And let it be noted that the guy in charge of putting in the new playing surface at Wrigley Field was none other than the WHITE SOX' head groundskeeper, Roger Bossard, who also happened to play little league with my uncle.

Anonymous said...

It is worth noting that the quoted text is also italicized, thereby making it a quoted quote.