Tuesday, November 20, 2007

you can forward paint?

Cliff saw this one on a Disney Magic cruiseliner. I'm guessing "FWD Paint Store" is the code name for Co2 plant.


Anonymous said...

Disney creeps me out, but isn't this proper usage?

bethany said...

I have no idea what the sign actually means, so I guess it could be. Enlighten me, if you can.

Anonymous said...

It's formally (perhaps for architect's plans, etc.) named "CO2 Plant", but people around the structure refer to it colloquially as "FWD paint store" probably because it's a place where they've been storing paint. It's probably forward ("FWD") of another place where they've been storing paint. That or FWD stands for some other local-use-only term, such as "front wet depot" or something.

Terms like "FWD paint store" grow out of a foreman's vocabulary or as the result of some other unplanned event, and they stick. So they had to indicate both to cover more possibilities. My guess is that this locker is a flame retardant locker used to store paint, and the reason two identifiers are included is that someone put the paint in some other place that had CO2 (such as a soda fountain) and got chewed out.

Anyway, point is, "FWD paint store" is an improper, colloquial name, and as such, it seems the usage is proper.

Anonymous said...

that was the larges amount of unnecessary bs i've ever seen all in one place.

jspencer said...

Seriously. Maybe they're not supposed to store paint there, so they put it in quotes. When the inspector comes, they're like "see, it's not really a paint store, it's in quotes!"

But yeah, colloquial or not, unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Unnecessary, if you're agreeable to risk of burning children with a chemical fire because some mouth breather put the paint in the wrong place.