Wednesday, November 21, 2007

wink wink

The owners of the coffee shop Manilo took these in seem to know how irresistible that one is. He said it was a few years back, maybe when everyone was watching Amelie (I couldn't find the relevant clip... if someone else does, please comment).


Joe Allen said...

Wow. I just "found" out about this blog today.

I had no "idea" that the rampant use of Unnecessary Quotation "marks" was so widespread!

Even though improper grammar, punctuation and "spelling" on signs drives me crazy; I'd never really noticed all of these supernumerary "Quot"-ation marks.

Now, I'll be seeing them everywhere I expect. I don't know whether to "thank" you or curse "you".


Anonymous said...

so does every new reader leave a comment with excessive, unnecessary quotation marks strewn about their text? and do they all think it's novel? really, what percentage would you guess actually do that?

bethany said...

it happens enough that it's in my FAQ. If you think that's bad, though, you should have heard my radio interview - those DJs kept doing quotation mark inflection. It was kind of funny.

izzy said...

I'm new. I don't find it novel at all. In fact, it's sort of irritating.

In my cafeteria, there is a sign:

Please "do not"
throw away your silverware!

It makes me weep.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone always so mean to new people? Don't you people get your snarking out of your systems by posting indignant comments about the actual subject of the blog? I thought that was the whole idea.

Sawdust said...

I enjoy people's using unnecessary quotes in their comments. It's all part of the fun!

bethany said...

I enjoy people commenting, period. Sorry for picking on you, Joe.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Joe's tough enough to handle it. I had just come from another blog with a really nasty comments section. Snark away!

bethany said...

That explains the "everyone always" business. I was wondering where that came from.

Andi said...

I think the overuse of quotation marks in the comments is kind of annoying, but I think it's because I read the blog on a daily basis, and people do it a lot. But I'm happy to see people are reading Bethany's blog and understanding the inappropriate use of quotation marks and making fun of it, so I guess it's not too bad.
Regardless, because this sign is a little blurry, I thought it said ""Do Not" Put Your Hands in the Bears" and I was thinking "Don't have to tell me twice!"

Anonymous said...

well, it IS a bit annoying when it happens so frequently, and with a lack of self-censoring. "why" "not" "put" "every" "word" "in" "quotes?!!??" HAHAHA that'd be funny.

i guess it's a testament to the blog. it's irrisistable.