Wednesday, November 14, 2007

more relative quiet

Kerrie saw these at the same restaurant while on vacation in CA. My favorite part of the second one is that you may or may not be expected to keep your hand (singular) and children (plural) to yourself. As a two-handed childless person, perhaps I am exempt?

On another note, I'm leaving tomorrow for a conference, and will post when I can, but please have low expectations. If any of you blog fans are NCA members, feel free to attend my 8 am panels and hear me talk about Barack Obama and Sabbath Keeping. No plans for a quotation mark panel anytime soon.


Scott Breitbach said...

What do you have to say about Barack Obama and Sabbath Keeping?

just curious.

bethany said...

it's two separate papers, I just realized it kind of looked like they are together, which doesn't work. I analyze Barack Obama's Call To Renewal speech from a year ago in terms of his construction of religiosity, american-ness, and democracy. My Sabbath Keeping paper suggests the sabbath and other religious practices as a type of resistance to consumer culture, or as Guy Debord calls it, the spectacle.

Unknown said...

Also, what "grass" are they trying to protect? Looks pretty desert-ish to me.

TRiG said...

It's not grass, it's glass.

It's the 'off of' bit that had me chortling. Does that actually mean anything?