Friday, November 23, 2007

repeat offender

Lindsay's boss is hardcore about misused quotation marks. These are all three from her work. My favorite is probably that the employees "rock" - that is to say, they don't actually play guitars, bass, drums etc.
However, I think we can all agree that poor cell phone etiquette is not very lady/gentleman-like.


Anonymous said...

you know, it really doesn't matter, because if you really want to make a call, you just need to get off the floor. you know, find a chair or something. it's really disturbing for others if you insist on being on the floor each time you make a call. seriously - we can't even call you a lady or a gentleman, so just pick your feet up ok?

jspencer said...

What's in those danishes and pump muffins?

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I love Pump Muffins.